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Raqs Gothique (AU) News Update August 2009

Greetings dark dance fans,

‘tis Ma’isah, bringing you all the latest info for Cairo Style belly dance classes, gothic fusion belly dance classes and gigs and more in and beyond Melbourne Australia.

Appologies if you see this more than once, is x-posted to various relevant Melbourne and dark/alternative and dance communities. Feel free to share this if you think it would interest someone you care about.
This post is completely worksafe, image free and is all under the lj cut.

In this Raqs Gothique August News edition:

• Term 3 classes, enrolments are now closed.
• Advance bookings for Term 4

Raqs Gothique offers five weekly classes in two locations, these classes have started and are now closed to casual attendance however all new classes will be available in Term 4:

• Elysium Priestess A
• Elysium Priestess B
• Elysium Priestess C: The Drills (*new*)
• Beginner level Cairo Style Belly Dance

We are reserving places in advance as all classes are capped at a maximum of 16 students.

Full course info and class descriptions are found under
Classes & Workshops:

Advance Bookings (with early bird discounts + multi-class discounts available) and payments made though:
Goddess Belly Dance:

• Performances

My August performances take me out of Victoria this month.

This August the 8th is the Evernights Gothla in NSW, created by Keoko Darkstar of the Desert Moon Dancers
This event is a full evening of dark and alternative fusion belly dance featuring myself, FiFi Noir, Keoko DarkStar and a full compliment of delicious dark dancers from NSW.
Tickets are still available, in limited amounts, links on the website.

Then on the weekend of August 15th Tribal-Idiom in Auckland New Zealand hosts Sashi from Ascend Tribal in the USA, one of the American pioneers of dark fusion belly dance. Truly a dance event not to be missed!
This is a full weekend of dance workshops and performance staring Sashi and featuring performances with myself, FiFi Noir and stunning New Zealand dancers

There are at time of posting some limited workshop places left as well as tickets to the show, again all links are provided on the site.

And a small advance notice, I have just accepted a gig performing a double sword dance as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival in October – stay tuned for more info!


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• Elysium-Steampunk?
So this is the question for August 2010: would you be interested in taking Steampunk belly dance classes? After the success of PseudoSkirt V.2, I have given serious thought to creating Elysium Steampunk…so here is your chance to cast your vote: leave a comment on the Ma’isah FaceBook fanpage, or post a comment herer on livejournal and I’ll collate the votes and go from there!

* Looking back:

Carni Nights was a stunning success and new is the event raised $2000 for a very worthy cause, the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia.
A new Video has been added of my sword dance “Sinister V.2” as revisited and evolved and played by Bellyslap, a song they wrote just for me! Its always a pleasure to play with Bellyslap, I hope to see more and more alternative dancers working with live musicians!
Check it out under VIDEOS!

That's all for now!
Wishing you deliciously dark dancing,
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